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Welcome to the Hall of [F/Sh]ame

A collection of shenanigans for your viewing pleasure!

Catch Me If You Can


I have a question about the new password standard. Does this apply to [redacted]? And if so, when will this apply? I had an [redacted] user reset his password earlier this week and it was only for 60 days. When will it be made annually for External users?

According to this link: [redacted] [redacted] Passwords need to be changed every 60 days. Will this be changed to annually?

I tried to ask on the Webchat, and [redacted] answered “I concur with that assessment” and then left the conversation.

I would like to know if yes/no this is happening and when it will happen. I have External Clients I need to communicate with.

Thank you,




My mouse has taken over my computer, it goes where it wants, and if it happens to roll over something it will open, close, copy, move etc. it on its own.

Please help……


Strong Independent Woman

Hi I do not need you. Please do not waste my time. Thank you.

Paramount Kids Title Company

Please do not do anything on my PC


My PC is not in question. It’s the boardroom PC which I do not know the bar code.

My bar code is 890810 but please do not do anything on my PC.

Thanks, Chris

The Ghost of Steve Jobs

Hello starT IT GURUS,

The very annoying and spam-a-rific error message keeps popping up on my phone 100% of the time I unlock it. It is almost as if the ghost of Steve Jobs hath taken over my phone and is mocking me.

The great interweb tells me I should uninstall all of my calendars, I would have to call in to you to reinstall calendars, so I will cut the middle step of me exacerbating the situation and write in pre-making-the-situation-worse and ask for assistance.

I have restarted said piece of crap phone.

I have spoken both softly and sternly to it.

I have offered it extra vacation days and my be seen in jeans pass... all to no avail. The error message keeps returning with the clockwork precision of old faithful.

Please attend to this situation and exorcise the demon.